About Us

The idea of bringing social change and applying social knowledge, was envisioned many years ago by Silvia Gálvez, founder of Express Connect, while she was working in the social services area as a Facilitator and Trainer since 2001. Silvia wanted to provide coaching and training that were not available for youth.

On August 2012, her Social Enterprise started her Free Coaching services through its Raise Awareness Campaign Program with topics that otherwise were not taught at schools, such as Financial, Education, Leadership, Life with purpose, Setting & Achieving Goals, Creating a Winning Mindset, Self Esteem, Depression, Addictions among others.

Many schools and organizations were interested in the free coaching services.

In time, volunteers and community partners were eager to support the Social Enterprise.

Soon, more services were created to help people with their personal development such as paid coaching and training to individuals and corporations.

At present, Silvia is providing coaching and training services to the Vancouver area.

Silvia has a passion for helping individuals embrace their fears, welcome challenge and become confident so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Silvia is member of the International Coach Federation.